1 - The birth Place of J. S. Bach (Germany, Eisenach, Rittergasse, 11).

2 - Dom Bach (Germany, Eisenach, Lutherstrasse, 35).

3 - The Church of St George (Germany, Eisenach, Markt, 9). Here was baptized Johann Sebastian Bach.

4 - The Church of St. Michael (Germany, Ohrdruf).

5 - The Church of St. Michael (Germany, lüneburg, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz).

6 - Red castle (Germany, Weimar).

7 - The Church of Johann Sebastian Bach, formerly. The new Church, formerly. The Church of St. Boniface (Germany, Arnstadt, An der Neuen Kirche).


Bach Family

Today, 21 March 2018, marked 333 years since the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach), outstanding German composer, organist and harpsichordist. Some sources date March 31, some both, 21 and (in brackets) March 31, 1685.

Today, opened Internet access to our website devoted to Bach.